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Cup Competition Phase One - Welcome to The 4rd Annual Cup Competition Cup XIX [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Welcome to The 4rd Annual Cup Competition Cup XIX

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Cup Competition Phase One [Jun. 20th, 2006|05:03 pm]
Welcome to The 4rd Annual Cup Competition Cup XIX


1. Find a 1965-1970 edition 50c piece.
2. Find the original pressing of Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath (1969) Record. Photo evidence must be provided
3. Take one (1) photograph of yourself with an Emo and a Raver. Both persons must be in the frame in question and facing the camera. They must be easily identifiable.
4. Recite the lyrics (including narrative) to "Metropolis Part II: Scenes from a Memory" by Dream Theater in its entirety. A 10% allowance will be made for mistakes.
5. Find, construct or produce a bowstaff.
6. Present a petition to be signed by the general public to ban the commercial use of electric can-openers. You must gain no less than 30 (thirty) signatures. You may not use friends or relatives and photographic evidence of public canvassing must be provided.
7. Locate and purchase a copy of "Backstreets' Back" by the Backstreet Boys.
8. Take a photograph of yourself outside a mosque while wearing a yarmulke. The yarmulke must be easily viewable. You must be standing within 25m of the entrance of the mosque.
9. Dress up in skin tight leather and/or corpse paint and run through a major shopping complex. You must provide photographic evidence of this occurring.
10a. (Females only) Provide photographic evidence of an act of breastfeeding in a public place. It must be visible from a distance of 50m. (A prosthetic baby must be used for this task)
10b. (Males only) Provide photographic evidence of yourself kissing a member of the same sex. The mouth must be open and completely sealed.

Let the Competition BEGIN!

[User Picture]From: cliffmosher
2006-06-21 11:11 am (UTC)
I could totally do #4. #9 would be fun also.
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